Oh my, all this beauty!.

A sex doll has more of a life than I do fml

Shimla, India


when you’re taking a shit at your spanish friend’s 3rd birthday party and you have to check your email


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white girls can’t wear bindis because in sixth grade one time i was dropped off at school by my aunt who was wearing a bindi at the time and some girl’s mom whispered to her friend how she would never let her daughter play with me because my family had probably been happy about 9/11 and then four years later that daughter showed up to school wearing a bindi as part of her “”“boho”“” look

fight me


Who gets to discuss America’s racial issues on Fox News: Five white people.

in color


so let me get this straight. anti-choicers took $500,000 dollars worth of pennies and sealed them in a glass case as a “memorial” to “victims” of abortion. i’m going to say that again. these people have locked away $500,000 dollars as a “tribute” to dead blobs of cells instead of donating that money to actual living breathing children who don’t have basic necessities or homes.

anti-choicers are incredible

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mom that cigarette pack you found in my bag??? its a metaphor

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